How to Support your Family’s Health Post-Flood

Now that Calgary is in full-cleanup mode following the flood of a century we would like to offer support in providing information on ways to keep your family healthy post-flood.

Calgary Post flood health

Issues of concern specifically are mosquitos and mold.

We all know the mosquitos were bad to begin with early this season, and now with excessive water levels and water damage those squiters are going to be large and in charge.

Calgary mosquitosHere are a couple natural ways to fend off those pesky biters.


  1. Essential Oils – Citronella, lemon, sandalwood, apply to either clothing and/or skin in diluted liquid form, or burn a citronella, lemon or sandalwood candle near where you are sitting.


  1. Vitamin B  – Patches and supplementation


Vitamin B metabolizes the body which reduces human odors. It’s the way we smell that attracts insects so when we reduce our human odor with Vitamin B and essential oils the mosquitos stay at bay.

Patches can be purchased (we have them at Docere Wellness Centre for $10.95). You simply apply them directly to your skin an hour or two before going outside and you can leave it on all day. Not only will you keep bugs away you will benefit from more vitamin B in your body.

Natural Mosquito repellant

If the mosquito gets the best of you there are a number of natural ways to treat the bite, here are five we like:

  1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – apply a small amount to bite
  2. Aloe Vera – a very cool and soothing remedy. Helps ease the itch and heal the bite
  3. Essential Oils – tea tree oil, rosemary, neem, lavender, witch hazel or cedar oil –dilute a small amount with water and dab on bite
  4. Salt Paste – mix himilayan rock salt with water and mix into a paste. Apply to affected area
  5. Lemon Juice – helps to calm the itch and prevent infection

Natural mosquito repellant

Now let’s talk about MOLD! Ick!

It’s green, or black, and fuzzy, and it’s no one’s friend. Especially if you are allergic to it!

With water damage in many homes it’s likely mold will develop until restoration can be underway.

Mold allergies

In the meantime there are naturally remedies for allergy support with mold.

There are homeopathic treatments available for mold allergies as well at acupressure and acupuncture allergy elimination techniques.  NAET is one technique Dr. Meghji practices at Docere Wellness Centre.

Visit our website or NAET Canada for information on NAET.

Mold Allergies

Up your Vitamin D dosage. Spend time outside in the sun. Vitamin D has been found to reduce the production of protein response in the body to mold as well as increase production of proteins that promote tolerance to it.

abflood yycflood

Here at Docere Wellness Centre we send our best wishes to those whose homes and lives have been affected by the flood.

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Health Fusion 2013

The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors presents Health Fusion 2013.

From June 7-9, 2013, in Ottawa, Canada, CAND presents Doctors Connect: The Integrative Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Conditions.

Canada Health Fusion 2013

The conference will host licensed health care professionals and students as they come together to explore key research and findings on the topic of assessment, diagnosis and treatment options for chronic inflammatory conditions.

Interactive breakout sessions will take place over the three-day conference outlining topics such as, Exploring the Frontiers of Inflammation: newly discovered triggers of the inflammatory response, presented by Dr. David Lescheid, PhD, ND, The Role of Herbs in Pain Management for Common Chronic Disorders, presented by Kerry Bone, B.Sc, Dip Phyto, and An Integrative Solution to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, presented by Dr. Neil McKinney, ND, among many other presentations.


In accordance with the conference, Dr. Brian Goldman, M.D. will be presenting at a public event Friday evening called Your Body Your Choice, on the topic of becoming an informed healthcare consumer.
Dr. Goldman, MD, Mount Sinai ER Doctor, Medical Watchdog, Author and CBC Radio Host, with “The Straight Goods on Your Health Care”, will discuss chronic conditions and the challenges the current health care system has in dealing with chronic disease.

Your Body Your Choice

He will address a preventative approach to wellness, highlighting how to personalize care and engage in disease prevention, discussing how Naturopathic Doctors are improving the health of Canadians and providing support educating and maintaining health and wellness.

While the conference and aforementioned public event takes place in Ottawa, we are writing about it to highlight the national scope of education and practice of Naturopathic Medicine.

Naturopathic Doctors Medicine

Having just seen the completion of Naturopathic Medicine week May 6-12, 2013, Health Fusion 2013 is timely in supporting the momentum of Naturopathic treatment education.

Naturopathic medicine Canada

We believe in wellness education and empowering families to take action and prevention in their wellness, living long, happy healthy lives.

For more information on the issues facing Canada’s medical profession read Dr. Brian Goldman’s book, The Night Shift.

For more information on Naturopathic Medicine and a holistic approach to wellness visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts!