5 Creative Ways to Exercise Outside in the Winter

For outdoor lovers, summer may seem like an easier time to exercise outside.

winter exercise calgary

Although the colder outdoor temperatures may seem daunting, there are various activities that can be fun for the whole family, and get your body temperature up too!

Last year we wrote a post about ways to get exercise in the winter. Our suggestions were skiing and snowboarding, tobogganing and skating.

This year we decided to brainstorm a few more fun activities for the family to do outside.

You’ll be sure to stay warm doing them! Take a look:

Winter exercise calgary

Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing

Alberta is full of great pathway systems for hiking and biking in the summer. In the winter these pathways can be used for snowshoeing and cross country-skiing.

These excellent cardio-vascular exercises will get your heart rate up and provide you with necessary fresh air to revitalize. Not-to-mention they are a great way to see some of the beautiful landscape in Alberta.

Rent snow shoes or skis from local outfitters (snow shoe price is around $20/day per pair, skis are roughly the same) or buy pairs new or used if you plan on investing some time into the sport.

The University of Calgary Outdoor Centre has great rates and a load of various rental equipment available.

For trail information visit albertaparks.ca/kananaskis-country/information-facilities/trails.aspx.

Winter Hiking near calgary

Winter Hiking

There are many hikes open throughout the winter that, when hiked in the winter opposed to the summer, provide a totally different experience with breathtaking vistas.

Johnson Canyon Ice Walk outside of Banff, AB is a great example. The frozen waterfall sparkles and glistens.

Grotto Canyon outside of Canmore, AB is another popular winter hike. Crampons are suggested and again, can be rented from outdoor gear stores and rental shops for $10/day.

Calgary winter exercise

Winter Walks

For most of the year Albertans curse at the dry climate that requires us to apply more moisturizer than in any other province. In winter, however the dry climate can be a blessing because it means that despite low freezing temperatures, a few layers of clothes and some bundling up provides necessary warmth to be outside.

Winter walks is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to exercise in the winter. Bundle appropriately and you may find that you actually work up a sweat underneath all the gear as you walk through your neighbourhood or local parks.

Walking is excellent for heart-health, especially when done regularly.

Canmore Dog sledding

Dog Sled Racing

This seems more like a once in a lifetime opportunity kind-of-thing, but if you ever get a chance dog sledding is a fun and exciting activity to treat the adventurous family to.

Didsbury, south of Red Deer, is well known as one of the top dog-sled racing circuits. Take a short road trip to experience it for yourself.

This year mushers will be coming from all over the world to compete in the Rosebud Run Dogsled Classic, on Dec 7 and 8, 2013.

This spectator’s event wouldn’t be much exercise, however take a trip with a touring company and you’ll get your day’s fun outside. Two-hour, half-day or full-day mushing available out of Canmore, AB. Check out snowyowltours.com, howlingdogtours.com or maddogsexpidition.ca.

Snow shovelling calgary exercise

Shovelling Walks

Snow-shovelling is a great work-out! It works the arms and legs and cardio as well just keep good posture remember.

If you are outside shovelling your walk, extend the work-out by shovelling your neighbour’s walk also. Not only will you get in your neighbour’s good-books, you will get some extra exercise in as well.

It is great karma and good for your body!

This is also a great way for kids to make some extra allowance money, or start up a little part-time job. Have them pitch the idea to neighbours for $5-10 a shovel or a fixed rate every month. What a great opportunity to teach them a little entrepreneurship.

Snowball Fight Cat

Do you have any other suggestions on fun winter exercise activities? Share with us your families favourite outdoor activities!


Shopping Calgary’s Farmers’ Markets

It’s Farmers’ Market Season – Almost

Calgary Farmers Market

It’s late April in Calgary, which means most Calgarians are grumbling about the figment of warm weather.

Despite the off and on snow we have been experiencing for the past few weeks, we are undeniably closing in on warmer temperatures, which ties hand in hand with the opening of many of Calgary’s seasonal farmers’ markets.

Calgary local food farmers market

Why are Farmers’ Markets important to us at Docere Wellness Centre?

There is more than one answer to that question.


Farmers’ markets are a great way to participate in community. We all need a sense of community to feel a connection to the place we live and farmers’ markets are a great way to get to know the people behind the products you will grow to love.

Farmers Market Alberta Local

Local Business

It’s important to support local business! Let’s face it, we vote with our dollar. Demand is what causes production and the more we support products we believe in the more readily available they will become. This is really important for products that are good for the environment. Also, keeping dollars in the hands of people who live in Calgary supports our local economy.

Local Food Calgary Farmers Market


Many of the products you see at farmers’ markets are organic and locally grown. Many meat products are free range and antibiotic free = happier animals and products that are better for your family’s health!

Fresh Produce Calgary Health

It’s Fun

Farmers’ markets are fun! There is great people watching, yummy food vendors to grab a snack from, and often entertainment like musicians or face painters.  It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon with the family.

We have many year round farmers’ markets in Calgary including the Calgary Farmers’ Market, recently expanded Crossroads Farmers’ Market, Kingsland Farmers’ Market, and Parkdale Community Association Farmers’ Market.

Calgary Farmers' Market 2013

From late May to October, Calgary’s seasonal farmers’ markets are plentiful including: Hillhurst Sunnyside Market and Airdrie Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays, the Blackfoot Farmers’ Market on weekends and the Millarville Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, just outside city limits. There is also the brand new, centrally located, Inglewood and Ramsay Farmers’ Market.

For a complete list of locations and hours of operations visit Avenue magazine’s blog post, http://www.avenuecalgary.com/articles/calgary-and-area-farmers-markets-the-list.

Warmer temperatures bring with it a greater variety of local produce available. Take a look at the awesome list Calgary Farmers’ Market posted to see what will be in season when:

Calgary Seasonal Food list Farmers' Market

Image courtesy of http://www.calgaryfarmersmarket.ca/seasons

Do you have a favourite product you purchase from a farmers’ market? Share with us!

And have a nice day!


It’s that time of year again: Docere Wellness Centre is hosting Thermography clinics on Sunday May 5th and Sunday September 22nd, 2013.

What is Thermography?

Thermography calgary

Medical Thermography is a non-invasive, safe and effective breast screening technique!

The benefits of breast screening using this technique are prolific.

Medical Thermography:

  • Is SAFE
  • Detects changes in the breast tissue before mammograms do
  • Is non-invasive: no touching, no squeezing, no radiation
  • Is conducted by a certified thermologist

The value of a thermography screening is $250.00 plus tax. Call 1-866-242-5554 to book your appointment for May 5th, 2013.

Thermography calgary

“Digital infrared imaging scans show the function, the physiology and the metabolism of breast tissue. It gives a picture of the functional activity in breast tissue.”

Usually abnormal cells are hotter because a malignant tissue mass is greedy. To feed their rapid growth they produce a chemical that makes new blood vessels grow. This is called angiogenesis (angio means blood vessel, genesis means creation).

A digital infrared imaging scan shows the heat difference between normal breast tissue and problem areas. In scientific terms, the normal breast tissue acts as the control against which any hot areas are compared,” explains http://www.medthermonline.com/.

Thermography mammogram calgary

Why would I try this approach instead of a traditional mammogram?

  • Digital infrared imaging provides early detection, recognizing signs that even mammogram might miss.
  • It thoroughly examines the entire chest area.
  • It locates the precise area of concern so other medical approaches, (untrasound, MRI and mammograms) can focus more precisely on the exact area.
  • It is painless and there is no risk associated with the procedure. No harmful rays are emitted.

Medical Thermography Calgary

Medical Thermography International is a mobile clinic committed to making the procedure available across Canada.

Docere Wellness Centre is pleased to host Medical Thermography March 5th, 2012. Book your appointment today at  1-866-242-5554.

Thanks and Cheers to your health!

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