Honouring Mothers

In honour of Mother’s Day, just around the corner, we would like to take a moment at Docere Wellness Centre to celebrate Mothers.

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Mothers Day

From being a mentor, a friend, a disciplinary, a chef, and a confidant, often while balancing a work load outside of the home from part-time to full-time career, a mother’s role is multi-faceted and we recognize that!

Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to step back and appreciate all the love that goes into the role of Mother.

Mothers Day Ideas

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.” -Mildred B. Vermont

So how will you celebrate Mom this Sunday? From cards to cookies, flowers to festivities, what are your plans?

We have devised some out-of-the box ideas to celebrate Mom:

Mothers day ideas

Mom Box
Mothers day ideas
This is an interesting alternative to making a scrapbook. Find a decorative box or decorate a box with photos and other scrapbook paraphernalia. Inside the box place memorabilia you have collected of times you have spent with Mom. This could be movie ticket stubs, photos from a family vacation, symbolic tokens of laughs you’ve shared. Get creative, anything goes with this one. The key is, make it count. The idea here is sentimentality.

Picnic in the Park
Mothers day ideas
It’s nice to have a brunch or lunch or dinner date with Mom for Mother’s Day. Rather than hosting a traditional meal, or going out to eat, host a party in the park! This is a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors and share time together as a family, while also enjoying food. Make it a potluck to take stress off planning. If each family member is responsible for an item the meal comes together quickly.
Mom Gets a Day Off

Free Day

Organize a day where you can take over Mom’s role. From preparing breakfast for the family, to doing some extra chores around the house to cooking dinner, there are many extra tasks that can be taken off Mom’s hands. If she is generally responsible for preparing lunches for school maybe offer for one week to have other family members make the lunches. Sharing small tasks can be a big help and make Mom feel recognized for every small thing she handles.
Write Mom a Letter

Loving Card
Mothers day ideas

A Mother’s Day card is thoughtful and traditional, a way to tell Mom how much you appreciate her. Why not go the extra mile and write her a letter, really telling her how much you appreciate her. Include a moment that really warmed your heart that you feel was a good example of her love and kindness. Share with her the qualities she has that you admire, well natured, beautiful, kind, generous … whatever it is that really describes your Mom!

Above All …

Whether it’s a gift you give or festivities you plan do it with love from your heart. A loving gesture goes a long way energetically to tell someone how much you value them.

What are your best ideas for Mother’s Day and why?? Share with us…


Shopping Calgary’s Farmers’ Markets

It’s Farmers’ Market Season – Almost

Calgary Farmers Market

It’s late April in Calgary, which means most Calgarians are grumbling about the figment of warm weather.

Despite the off and on snow we have been experiencing for the past few weeks, we are undeniably closing in on warmer temperatures, which ties hand in hand with the opening of many of Calgary’s seasonal farmers’ markets.

Calgary local food farmers market

Why are Farmers’ Markets important to us at Docere Wellness Centre?

There is more than one answer to that question.


Farmers’ markets are a great way to participate in community. We all need a sense of community to feel a connection to the place we live and farmers’ markets are a great way to get to know the people behind the products you will grow to love.

Farmers Market Alberta Local

Local Business

It’s important to support local business! Let’s face it, we vote with our dollar. Demand is what causes production and the more we support products we believe in the more readily available they will become. This is really important for products that are good for the environment. Also, keeping dollars in the hands of people who live in Calgary supports our local economy.

Local Food Calgary Farmers Market


Many of the products you see at farmers’ markets are organic and locally grown. Many meat products are free range and antibiotic free = happier animals and products that are better for your family’s health!

Fresh Produce Calgary Health

It’s Fun

Farmers’ markets are fun! There is great people watching, yummy food vendors to grab a snack from, and often entertainment like musicians or face painters.  It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon with the family.

We have many year round farmers’ markets in Calgary including the Calgary Farmers’ Market, recently expanded Crossroads Farmers’ Market, Kingsland Farmers’ Market, and Parkdale Community Association Farmers’ Market.

Calgary Farmers' Market 2013

From late May to October, Calgary’s seasonal farmers’ markets are plentiful including: Hillhurst Sunnyside Market and Airdrie Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays, the Blackfoot Farmers’ Market on weekends and the Millarville Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, just outside city limits. There is also the brand new, centrally located, Inglewood and Ramsay Farmers’ Market.

For a complete list of locations and hours of operations visit Avenue magazine’s blog post, http://www.avenuecalgary.com/articles/calgary-and-area-farmers-markets-the-list.

Warmer temperatures bring with it a greater variety of local produce available. Take a look at the awesome list Calgary Farmers’ Market posted to see what will be in season when:

Calgary Seasonal Food list Farmers' Market

Image courtesy of http://www.calgaryfarmersmarket.ca/seasons

Do you have a favourite product you purchase from a farmers’ market? Share with us!

And have a nice day!

An Easter fit for the Family, while keeping the family fit

Easter is a time of celebration; whether your family is celebrating the religious holiday or the spring-break time off, it is a time where family and friends come together.

Healthy easter cooking

Like many holidays, Easter is associated with food – (at least this was true for my family. Anytime we get together to celebrate it revolved around what we were eating).

These days, with so many food sensitivities, overall health concerns, and environmental awareness, how can this year’s Easter meal planning be fun, festive and food-friendly for all types of diets?

We have compiled a list of recipes and tips from various blog sources to help you plan a healthier Easter. Take a look …

healthy Easter recipies food feast

The Hunt is on

Growing up, my family loved planning an Easter egg hunt. The upside: it’s a really fun activity. The down-side: the prizes are often not the healthiest choices.

What is an alternative to the traditional foil-wrapped eggs?
Healthy easter alternatives

  1. Scavenger hunt for prizes! Perhaps the hidden treasures are games or movie vouchers or simply clues leading to one prize at the end?
  2. Love the chocolate egg hunt? Check out this recipe for Raw chocolate Easter Eggs. Wrap them up and hide them just like traditional foil wrapped eggs.

Easter Crafts

While hunting for healthy Easter recipes I came across these adorable craft ideas … and they’re edibleBest healthy easter food

  1. Make your own unique Easter picture using various fruit slices:   
  2. Easter Eggs … Hahaha, this is a spin on the traditional
  3. Watermelon Carving: Ok this one might not be a time-saver, but it sure is impressive:

Delicious Desserts to Dive Into (sans sugar and wheat) 

This website has a plethora of dessert options that are “skinny, clean, gluten free, vegan, no-bake, low carb, high protein, no sugar and more…” Check it out www.damyhealth.com

And here is another great resource from Eatingwell.com.

Healthy easter cooking ideas

Finally, below are some tips c/o Amelia Burton’s blog, where she writes a survival guide for Easter weekend!

  1. Save a treat for Easter Sunday
  2. Exercise in the morning
  3. Limit alcohol
  4. Sharing is caring
  5. Eggs for breakfast
  6. No white chocolate
  7. Practice your willpower
  8. Indulge in ‘good’ fats
  9. Limit the meat intake

For a full break down of each category visit her post at http://ameliaburton.com.au/2012/04/a-healthy-easter-survival-guide.html.

Does your family have an awesome tradition you would like to share? Give us a shout on our Facebook or Twitter!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!


Winter Fun and Fitness for the Whole Family

It’s March! Finally the days are getting longer and the prospect of spring is on the horizon. Of course, in Calgary you never know just how long winter will be, which is why it is important to embrace it while it’s here.

Winter fun Naturopathy

To rid the household of cabin fever there are many activities suitable for the whole family that embraces the outdoors.

Getting outside for some exercise is great for everyone’s physical health and also mental wellbeing.

So let’s take a look at some of the options:

Bowness Park Skating Rink


Did you know there are over 34 outdoor volunteer operated, community skating rinks around town? This means it is free to go as a family. All you need is skates of course.

No skates? Well, you can buy skates new or used or you can rent skates for a reasonable daily rate.

There are even skating events around town to promote community engagement!

In Bowness there is free family skating Wednesdays, 10:15 – noon, Thursdays, 10 – 11:30 and Sundays, 11 – noon. For more information call 403-288-8300 or e-mail info@mybowness.com.

Coming up this Sunday, March 3rd is a skate party at the Killarney/Glengarry Community Association.  Visit http://www.killarneyglengarry.com/coming-events for details.

Festival Wknd Yoga @ Prince's Island Park. 2012 Calgary Folk Music Festival.


Okay it’s not an outdoor activity (well it can be) but it sure is good for the mind and body …. YOGA!!!!

Ranchlands Community Association hosts yoga for the whole family:

Beginners for Adults:                                          Wed 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Chair Yoga for Adults:                                         Wed 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

After School Yoga for ages 6-12:                  Wed 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Family Yoga Ages 5+:                                           Wed 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Yoga-nastics for ages 6-12:                               Wed 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Adult Fun Yoga for ages 16+:                          Wed 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Visit http://www.calgaryarea.com/nw/ranchlands/ranchlands.htm for more details.

Calgary toboggan health happieness


Tobogganing is a weather dependent activity as it requires a nice snowfall to really be a lot of fun. Next snowfall bundle up in hats and mitts and snow-pants and get out there! Look for a hill or slope near you.

Caution; Make sure your hill of choice is far away from busy streets or traffic of any kind.

Ski Calgary health holistic

Skiing and Snowboarding

Growing up my Dad always said, “A bad day in the mountains is better than a good day in the city,” what he meant was any time spent in the mountains was always a blessing. Living in Calgary we grew up so accustom to spending time in the Rocky Mountains.

One way to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and get some good exercise is to go skiing or snowboarding. A day trip to the mountains may require a bit more planning and a greater financial investment, however the payoff is immense.

Visit any of the local ski hills, Sunshine, Lake Louise, Nakiska, heck even stay in town and visit Canada Olympic Park (COP).

New to the sport: lessons are available at most ski hills and privately as well.

Winter exercise calgary

Above are just a few ideas to get the family out and active! Other activities may include snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, or ice-climbing for the more adventurous ones.

The point is, get outside in the fresh air and enjoy winter while it is here! It will clear the feeling of cabin fever winter can sometimes give us, and it’s good for our physical health also!

Are you organizing any fun outdoor activities? Please let us know so we can all have fun together and build a stronger community.  Just comment below!



It’s that time of year again: Docere Wellness Centre is hosting Thermography clinics on Sunday May 5th and Sunday September 22nd, 2013.

What is Thermography?

Thermography calgary

Medical Thermography is a non-invasive, safe and effective breast screening technique!

The benefits of breast screening using this technique are prolific.

Medical Thermography:

  • Is SAFE
  • Detects changes in the breast tissue before mammograms do
  • Is non-invasive: no touching, no squeezing, no radiation
  • Is conducted by a certified thermologist

The value of a thermography screening is $250.00 plus tax. Call 1-866-242-5554 to book your appointment for May 5th, 2013.

Thermography calgary

“Digital infrared imaging scans show the function, the physiology and the metabolism of breast tissue. It gives a picture of the functional activity in breast tissue.”

Usually abnormal cells are hotter because a malignant tissue mass is greedy. To feed their rapid growth they produce a chemical that makes new blood vessels grow. This is called angiogenesis (angio means blood vessel, genesis means creation).

A digital infrared imaging scan shows the heat difference between normal breast tissue and problem areas. In scientific terms, the normal breast tissue acts as the control against which any hot areas are compared,” explains http://www.medthermonline.com/.

Thermography mammogram calgary

Why would I try this approach instead of a traditional mammogram?

  • Digital infrared imaging provides early detection, recognizing signs that even mammogram might miss.
  • It thoroughly examines the entire chest area.
  • It locates the precise area of concern so other medical approaches, (untrasound, MRI and mammograms) can focus more precisely on the exact area.
  • It is painless and there is no risk associated with the procedure. No harmful rays are emitted.

Medical Thermography Calgary

Medical Thermography International is a mobile clinic committed to making the procedure available across Canada.

Docere Wellness Centre is pleased to host Medical Thermography March 5th, 2012. Book your appointment today at  1-866-242-5554.

Thanks and Cheers to your health!

If you have any questions you would like to share please voice them below or contact us!

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Keep your House Spick and Span – Naturally

Let’s face it … we live in an age where corporate enterprise sells us everything for our home right down to what we use to wash the floor.

Natural house cleaning

“The cost of commercial, chemical-based products can be high — long term health concerns for the family, and environmental pollution caused by their manufacture and disposal,” explains eartheasy.com.

But, times are a changin’ and there is a grass roots movement demanding a more natural way of life, including cleaning supplies. Let’s take a look …

Natural cleaning products

Do you remember what grandma used to use on her floors? I will give you a hint; you also use it to cook with.

“What?” you say? Well, yes not only can you put it in your mouth, you can clean surfaces with it as well.

#1. White Vinegar! Vinegar cleaning product

One of the number one most natural cleaning supplies is vinegar. Simply dilute it with water in a spray bottle for counters or in a pale with water for the floors.

If the smell bothers you feel free to add a few drops of essential oils, peppermint or eucalyptus to counter the smell.

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. One of the best parts is it cleans the bad bacterial, and leaves the good bacterial, so your body’s immune system stays nice and strong – still able to create antibodies. Some of these crazy superbugs are created because anti-bacterial agents kill off all bacteria, even the ones we need to keep around to help us fight bugs.

Baking soda cleaning
#2 Baking Soda!

This one is a great odor eliminator. Use it to clean out the fridge, the garbage can, the pantry, anywhere an unpleasant smell may linger – like bad company.

Sprinkle baking soda on the area you want to clean and wipe/scrub it with a wet cloth. Also good to clean mildew off grout in the shower.


#3. Lemon Juice
lemon juice cleaner

You got it, that lovely little citrus fruit is great for surface cleaning. The acidity of the juice kills bad bacteria, just like vinegar does. This is great for cleaning cutting boards while you are cooking (it even kills chicken bacteria), and counter tops.

Squeeze some out on the surface you want to clean and wipe with a clean cloth.

Other effective cleaners include corn starch and biodegradable soap in liquid, powder, bar or flake form (no petroleum distillates though).

Fun cleaning Party!

Do you have any other tips? Please share them with us on our Facebook page or Pinterest account.

The Importance of Naturopathic Medicine today

It is true; principles of Naturopathic medicine have been practiced for decades, since Hippocrates, a Greek physician who lived 2400 years ago, first formulated the concept of “the healing power of nature“.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Colleges were then formed in North America in the early 1900’s, but today we are on the rise of a new reliance on Naturopathic Medicine.

A pertinent article was printed in the New York Times Dec 15th outlining the important role non M.D. health practitioners are playing due to the shortage of M.D.’s.

Natruopathic Medicine doctors

It is no secret that health care in the United States has had its challenges from shortages of M.D.’s to high medical coverage costs, which is why more and more people are turning to alternatives.

“There is already a shortage of doctors in many parts of the United States. The expansion of health care coverage to millions of uninsured Americans under the Affordable Care Act will make that shortage even worse,” explains the article When the Doctor Is Not Needed, of the New York Times.

Amy Rothenberg, N.D. piggy-backed off this article with her own titled, “Naturopathic Doctors Fill in Gap in Physician Shortage”, in which she discusses,

“Though our numbers are small, Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) have the ability to provide needed care, especially in underserved areas. Licensable naturopathic doctors attend four-year, in-residence, full-time naturopathic medical school at institutions recognized by regional accrediting bodies.”

natural medicine
The scope of practice of highly-trained N.D.’s is broad and as natural approaches to healing become more and more sought after, so too are the skills of N.D.’s.

Rothenberg continues explaining, “Many naturopathic doctors work in private practice settings or as part of integrative medicine teams. We use industry standards of taking a patient history, are trained to perform complete physical exams or relevant physicals depending on the presenting patient,”

Good holistic medicine calgary

“We are schooled in state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures from laboratory ordering and review, referral for appropriate diagnostic imaging when indicated, and both refer to and receive referrals from across the medical spectrum. With regard to treatment, naturopathic doctors work with natural medicine modalities including therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine and lifestyle modification.”

It is encouraging to see options emerging for individuals and families and a further reliance developing on the art if Naturopathic Medicine.

If you feel like taking the next steps towards a healthier lifestyle check out our website at www.docerewellness.com and get a daily dose of a healthy mentality by joining us online.