Healthy Halloween Food Ideas


It is nearly time to get the costumes together and head out for Halloween celebrations.

Halloween treats candy healthy

Weather trick-or-treating or hosting Halloween parties this time of year is full of festivities.

If you are looking for some healthier snack ideas to mitigate the sugar consumption you have come to the right place. We have lots of ideas and resources for you!

Trick or treat variations candy

Giving Treats?

There are some fun and festive alternatives to the traditional sugar-laden candy/chocolate so common to give these days.

Here is a list of ideas to get the ball rolling
Candy halloween treats healthy alternative

  1. Packs of sugar-free gum
  2. Packs of hot chocolate
  3. Packs of pretzels
  4. Non-edible treats: stickers, pencils, pencil crayons, bouncing balls, toy cars
  5. Dark chocolate treats
  6. Protein bars (there are some yummy chocolate ones out there that are much healthier than a traditional chocolate bar)

Are you hosting a Halloween party? Here are some fun and freaky ideas:

Halloween Pizza food ideas

Scary pizza Faces

What you will need:

  • Whole wheat pitas
  • Organic  tomato sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • An assortment of veggies: mushrooms, black olives, peppers, grated carrots (great for hair)
  • Any other topping your heart may desire

Lather the tomato sauce on the pitas and have the participants build scary faces with their toppings.

Monster Fingers

Halloween food ideas

What you will need:

  • Carrot sticks, baby cucumbers, celery sticks or any other finger-like vegetable
  • Whole, pitted black olives
  • A dollop of hummus or veggie dip

Cut the black olives in half. Place a dollop of hummus or dip on the end on the vegetable and place a half a black olive on top, using the dip to stick it.

Halloween treat alternatives foods

Check out some other spooky treats at

Do you have any ideas? Share with us! Click below to let us know.


Happy Halloween!

Thank you and happy living from Docere Wellness Center in Calgary

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