4 Simple Tips to Get You Organized Now

Now that school is back in full swing and kids’ extra-curricular activities are in motion it is easy to get caught up in family affairs and start to feel topsy-turvy.

Busy mom family

Let’s take a look at some simple ways to stay balanced and organized. Saving a little time and effort can go a long way in maintaining healthy lifestyles, even when things may feel chaotic.

Get organized

Firstly, it is important to book time in as a family to stay connected and up-to-speed on what is taking place in each other’s lives. Meal time is a great opportunity to connect. Everyone has to eat! Dinner time can be a great chance to debrief each other about the day.

Extra-curricular activities happening at night? Have an early dinner before sending family members out the door.


So much attention can be spent on kids this time of year so it is important to book time alone as a couple. Spousal relationships are important to nurture. When the parents are happy the kids can pick up on it. Book a date night once a week, even if it means going for a walk or shutting the bedroom door and watching a movie.

Busy mom

You may be thinking; that is all well and good, spending time together is important, yet I feel I have no time. The truth is … we all have the same amount of time … Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have just as much time in their day as you and me.

goal setting planning

Below are some time-saving tips to get you through the day.

They may seem inconsequential if done only once, however the daily habit can save bundles of time in the long run.

1. Get up with the alarm clock.

Alarm Clock scheduleAvoid hitting the snooze button. That additional ten or twenty minutes can be put towards other things that can improve your wellness more than that extra ten minutes of sleep.

Use the time instead to meditate for 15 minutes, or write in a journal. You could even get a short workout in, yoga or stretching.

2. Put things where they live.

organizedEverything in your house has a home, likely … so put it back there when you are done with it. Avoid dumping items in piles that you “will get to later” … the infamous word later.

Meanwhile those piles of stuff that accumulate take energy from you because somewhere in the back of your mind you know someday you have to deal with it.

Put it away and sleep at ease knowing you are organized.

3. Do It While The Fire Is Hot.

Do it nowDo you ever get inklings or small voices in your head that remind you to do something? “I really should call my sister right now. I haven’t talked to her in a while.”

That is the perfect time to go ahead to do it!

As frequently as we can, if we act on our inklings they not only make us feel accomplished they provide us with integrity, which only motivates a person to accomplish more.

“Oh I will do it later,” again, takes energy from us because it diminishes the space in our mental awareness to focus on other, probably more important things, like our family.

4. Write things down.

to do listBirthdays, coffee dates, social events, wellness appointments … It is better to write it down than try to remember it. Don’t memorize things that can be stored elsewhere. Save your brain storage space.


And above all HAVE FUN! Laugh a lot, try new things, and take time for yourself (hot baths included). Do not take things too seriously.



If you have success stories about balance and organization or any tips that you feel would help some of the other readers feel free to share!


Thank you and happy living from Docere Wellness Center in Calgary www.docerewellness.com


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