Breast health – What’s best for your breasts?

Sunday, September 9th Docere Wellness Centre will be host to Medical Thermography.

Medical Thermography provides non-invasive breast screening using digital infrared imaging.


The benefits of breast screening using this technique are prolific.

Medical Thermography:

  • Is SAFE
  • Detects changes in the breast tissue before mammograms do
  • Is non-invasive: no touching, no squeezing, no radiation
  • Is conducted by a certified thermologist

The value of a thermography screening is $250.00 plus tax. Call 1-866-242-5554 to book your appointment for Sep 9th.

“Digital infrared imaging scans show the function, the physiology and the metabolism of breast tissue. It gives a picture of the functional activity in breast tissue.”

Thermography breast screening

Usually abnormal cells are hotter because a malignant tissue mass is greedy. To feed their rapid growth they produce a chemical that makes new blood vessels grow. This is called angiogenesis (angio means blood vessel, genesis means creation).

A digital infrared imaging scan shows the heat difference between normal breast tissue and problem areas. In scientific terms, the normal breast tissue acts as the control against which any hot areas are compared,” explains

Thermography scanning tissue imaging

Why would I try this approach instead of a traditional mammogram?

  • Digital infrared imaging provides early detection, recognizing signs that even mammogram might miss.
  • It thoroughly examines the entire chest area.
  • It locates the precise area of concern so other medical approaches, (untrasound, MRI and mammograms) can focus more precisely on the exact area.
  • It is painless and there is no risk associated with the procedure. No harmful rays are emitted.

Breast Health Mamogram Thermography

Medical Thermography International is a mobile clinic committed to making the procedure available across Canada.

Docere Wellness Centre is pleased to host them Sep 9th, 2012. Book your appointment today at  1-866-242-5554.

Thanks and Cheers to your health!

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Thank you and happy living from Docere Wellness Center in Calgary


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