Family Features Campaign

At Docere Wellness Centre we cherish the relationships we have with our clients and their families.


To honour these relationships we are launching our Family Features Campaign. Once a month we will select a family whose story we will highlight.

This month we have selected Charles, CJ, Avery and Nathan.

A busy family of four, (well six when you include Blossom the guinea pig and Cody the dog); Charles and CJ and their two kids have lots on the go.


Charles and CJ are small business owners in the oil and gas industry and Nathan and Avery are busy students with many extracurricular activities.

From church to martial arts, dance, yoga and camping, this active family is engaged in the community.

They first started seeing Dr. Meghji 3½ years ago to find a solution for Nathan and Avery’s allergies.

Over this time many positive changes were noticed for the family. In CJ’s words “We noticed vast improvements in behaviour, self-control, learning success, complexion and mood improvements … We have far more choices now about what we can eat as a family.”

While the allergy treatment approach, called NAET, was something they found interesting at first, and maybe questioned slightly, the improvements that have been made far outweigh the initial questions that arose.

As Charles says, “It’s hard to argue with success.”

And with a larger menu of options the family can eat, the busy lifestyle has become more manageable and more fun!

happy family

As CJ mentioned, their family “Has been very grateful for Dr. Meghji’s vast knowledge about the treatment of allergies but also for her respectful and kind approach with the kids.”

We are thankful for our relationship with the wonderful family and are happy for their breakthroughs!

We are passionate about your wellbeing. Visit for more information or if you have any questions about the NAET, allergy treatment technique, please contact us today at 403-452-6262.

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