Spring Detox

It’s spring! The time of year has come when we clean the closets, cupboards and cobwebs, so how about cleaning the colon as well?


Spring is a great time of year to detox. In actuality a detox cleans out more than the colon; it can purify the blood, the liver, the kidneys, flushing out all the toxins the body stores up over the winter.

Clean blood

So what exactly is a detox? Simply, it is a slight change in dietary habits, over the course of a chosen period of time, usually around ten days or two weeks, to rid the body of toxins and build-up caused by dietary habits.

There are many benefits of doing a detox. They include the following:

– Increased energy
– Strengthened immune system
– Healthier skin
– Reduced cravings for sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods, nicotine, etc.
– Eliminates toxins from your body

There are some simple detox tips one can take into their home. Removing coffee from the diet is one of them, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, eating lean protein with every meal and drinking lots of water, 8 glasses a day.


Common Questions about Detox include:

Q: How long do people generally stay on a cleanse/detox
A: It can vary depending on the person, however generally one week to three weeks is appropriate.

Q. Is it safe to try a detox diet
A. Yes it generally very safe, however it is prudent to consult a professional before your first detox to ensure the dietary restrictions are right for you.

Q. When should a person begin the detox
A. A Friday is generally a good time because the individual then has the weekend to settle into the routine and prepare for the work week ahead. It can vary depending on each individual’s preferences and schedule.

Q. How do I choose one that is appropriate for me?
A. It is best to consult a professional. At Docere Wellness Centre we are offering a spring detox special … $95 for existing clients and $145 for new clients. This includes a detox kit.

If you have any further questions or would like to book a Spring Detox consultation call us today at 403-452-6262 or join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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